Boh Runga

Boh Runga - Thank The Stars Necklace, Silver


Boh Runga Thank The Stars Necklace, Silver

Thank the Stars is an array of tiny twinkling Starlet stars, a string of tiny blessings, a reimagining of the traditional Seven Blessings but for the spirit;

1. Be loved and love.
2. Be centred and calm.
3. Be playful in spirit. 
4. Be open-minded.
5. Be well in mind and body. 
6. Be inspired and inspire.
7. Be open-hearted.

Matariki is the name Maori gave the Pleiades star cluster, navigational pinpoints in the sky for brave seafarers and the sign to prepare for the coming New Year, a of promise of good things to come for Aotearoa's Children.

Available online and in store at The Frock Shop, Raumati Beach

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