Boh Runga

Boh Runga - Mini Fan Tail Studs, Silver


Boh Runga - Mini Fan Tail Studs, Silver

This Fan Tail design is a tribute to the bird that dispalyed courage in the war between the land and the sea creatures.  Brave and daring, Fan Tail danced in the face of the enemy.  Take it with you wherever you go.

Measurements (approx):
Fantail Size: 7.5mm H x 10.5mm W

About this collection:

In Māori mythology the Gods spoke through the birds, relaying their wishes and using their forms to influence the human realm. They were the vehicles used to speak with the Heavens and their feathers magic tokens of devotion that would bring loved ones back to you. My Karearea, Miromiro and Fan Tail designs pay tribute to these Messenger Stories.

The Karearea (Kārearea) has traditionally been a symbol of boldness and assertiveness and its cry was seen to foretell the weather. 

The Miromiro or Kōmiromiro is also known as the New Zealand Tomtit was seen as a bearer of good news. People believed they had special powers which made them a very sacred & Tapu bird.

 The Fantail or Piwakawaka (Pīwakawaka) was great Maui’s (Māui) companion, brave and daring in the face of war. He is our companion through the forest, never far from our side. The pīwakawaka dances cheekily, fluttering around, laughter in motion. 

Available online and in store at The Frock Shop, Raumati Beach

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