Boh Runga

Boh Runga - Lil Hugs and Kisses Studs, Silver


Boh Runga - Little Hugs and Kisses Studs, Silver

Make sure hugs and kisses are never out of reach with these dainty sterling silver studs. Because no one can ever have enough of either.

Model image for scale only.

XOX size 4.5mm H x 10mm W

About this collection:

SMALL But Perfectly Formed

Treat yourself or someone else with these SMALL but perfectly formed symbols of Love, Divinity and the place you call Home.

Each pendant has the flexibility to be worn at different lengths, onewear the charm rests in the delicate hollow of the neck, and two further settings so that pendants can sit lower on the décolletage.

Gift your loved one our Hugs & Kisses Pendant for them to be able to wear your hugs and kisses everyday, even if you are separated by distance. There are a number of legends associated with the Tiki, with many believing the Hei Tiki to have come from the stars as the first man of the world, but most commonly the Tiki is seen as a reference to fertility and the human embryo. The Tiki is a well respected symbol and worn by those who possess loyalty, clarity of thought and strength. Wear our Tiki Studs with pride as a tribute to all things the Tiki encompasses. The Southern Cross is a constellation made up of 5 stars located in the Milky Way. Traditionally Māori believed this to be a great anchor of a sky canoe. The Southern Cross is a well known national symbol of New Zealand. Take a piece of Aotearoa with you wherever you go with our Lil Southern Cross Pendant or Earrings. Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your finger with our Lil Sweet Heart Ring stacked with our Lil Perfect Stacker Rings for more of a statement.
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Available online and in store at The Frock Shop, Raumati Beach

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